Garten Salzburg: Does not take place!
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Bernd Oppeneiger: CEO – WoodyLiving

“I’m an exhibitor from the local area and at the show here for the fourth time. It delights me to see that the Garten Salzburg show is the ideal showcase for cultivating our public image and our base of regular customers. In fact, I have even been able to boost awareness of the business within the area and was particularly pleased by the amazing reaction to the ‘2017 Garden of the Year’ competition.”


Arnold Schlötzer: Rosenpavillon

“I came all the way from Munich to exhibit at the Garten Salzburg for the first time. The organisation of the event is really good.”


Johann Winklhofer: Owner – Gartenbau Winklhofer 

“The Garten Salzburg is like an open day for us and gives us plenty of time to advise customers well. The trend towards cultivating herbs has had a very positive influence on customer discussions and I’ve been impressed by every aspect of the show.”


Claudia Mitter: Owner of Pool & Wellness Technik

“I was especially pleased by the visitor feedback. They were pleasantly surprised by way we exhibited the swimming pools and spa pools. Instead of us merely providing conventional advice, our range of expo offerings enables us to get potentials thinking about purchasing immediately.”


Maria Awender: Master of the Salzburg Gardeners’ and Florists’ Guild

“We’ve been involved with the Salzburg region floristry apprentices’ competition from the very beginning. The Garten Salzburg is an ideal platform for apprentice and master florists to showcase their skills to a broader public.”


Karl Ploberger: Organic gardener

“I really like the comprehensive range of features and events that attract professional gardeners, amateurs and members of the whole family to the show and I’m looking forward to talking about my experiences live on stage.”